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Prophetess La Wanda Davis remains VICTORIOUS over Domestic Violence, Teen Pregnancy, Mental Health Challenges, Rejection, Low Self Esteem, Suicide, with Loss of Self Identity.  Prophetess Davis is the single mother of (5) gifts of which solidified her destiny and purpose. 


 Prophetess Davis established her determination of destiny upon a prophecy that was spoken over her prior to her journey, which changed the trajectory of her life forever.    She would never forget the words that were spoken "God is going to do (5) things for you that will be your pillar for your success in things of the supernatural real".  Those five things were her (5) children, which proved to be more valuable than prestige.



Prophetess La Wanda Davis founded Women In The Making in the midst of her first mental breakdown in 1997.  Women In The Making was birth with a (2) fold assignment.  Firstly, to assist single mothers with a holistic approach in removing barriers which would cause mothers to be stagnated with the inability to provide for their children.  Secondly, Women In The Making would establish women all over the world through Biblical Principles.  Prophetess continued her journey through the back side of the mountain for (7) years of development, pruning, breaking, and grooming.   In 2004 Women In The Making received their first assignment from God.  This assignment would prove to be a National shifting the nation into a Cry for "Repentance."  This assignment was predicated on the obedience of A Nation.  In 2010 "A Call To Repentance" was birth in Austin Texas.


In 2017 Prophetess Assignment Changed with the birthing of yet another National Assignment call "Prophetic Activation" Prophetic Activation birth Five-Fold Ministers, Business Owners, Visionaries, along with Church Elites.    Women In The Making is known for the sowing of SOULS into the Kingdom.


2022 WIMM International LLC was birth through Prophetess Davis.   WIMM International would bring Businesswomen and God's Leading Ladies together on one platform.    WIMM International LLC will afford women all over the world a chance to sharpen each other through their wisdom and experiences.  Prophetess met Business Entrepeneur Traci Burton.  The two came together to birth what will be known as 'THE EXCHANGE"   


Prophetess Davis vision continues to soar as she is now a Texas Realtor.    Prophetess Davis plans to buy property for Women in need of shelter.      This vision continues to build.   


Prophetess Davis continues to nurture her newest organization called "Brook Cherith".   Brook Cherith is a forum for anyone suffering with mental illness.     Brook Cherith motto is "The BROOK represents "TIME", but the RAVEN represents "SEASON"


Prophetess Davis continues to humble herself unto the voice of God!    Her favorite for women is "Lets Ascend!"    She is known as the 'MOTHER OF ZION"    Prophetess believes that her assignment is never about HER but about the NEEDS of the remnant assigned to her.   


In 2023 Prophetess Davis birth "The Secret Place" in Austin Texas.   Prophetess Davis remains 'In The Secret Place!"




Prophetess Rochelle Hatton

"The things that I value the most are my faith, family, and hard work."-Rochelle Hatton


"LaWanda Davis is a Purpose Driven Woman. I have witnessed her overcome many adversities in her life and at each blow she still remained to RISE. Her ability and Strength to endure what most would have faltered at without the possibility of ever recovering, but that’s not her story. Her story is one of pure determination to overcome everything that has tried to overcome her. She's an inspiration and a Ray of Sunshine to everyone she encounters. She's been a role model and motivator to many. She's ambitious and ready to set the stage of Rebuilding and Conquer. LaWanda continues to set goals, write visions, dream dreams and Excel in them all. I’m Blessed to know her and continue to watch her Grow, Develop; Build, Pursue and Conquer: She won't stop or be stopped. She will continue to Rise and Shine and be a Beacon that will lead others to the light of their Goals, Visions and Purpose and ensure that as she has Succeeded they will also Succeed. She’s a Phenomenal Woman!!!"

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